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March to the Edge: Secure Orchestration and Scalability - Shared screen with speaker view
David Waterfield
What are you benefits compared with other orchestration platforms such as Red Open Open Shift, terraform etc?
P.J. LeBlanc
I'm having trouble hearing this person.
Jason Shepherd
@David - will answer here while demo plays. Terraform is a great IT tool but not a full orchestration and security solution. RH Open Shift is also a great solution but is focused on the data center paradigm. Once you get outside of the data center, these tools break down in terms of required compute footprint, scalability, security, pricing, etc. ZEDEDA is optimized to meet these requirements.
David Waterfield
Thanks Jason
Jason Shepherd
The ZEDEDA solution is also easy to consume because it’s a SaaS model and doesn’t require specialized IT skills to use.
Jason Shepherd
Data center solutions usually have a footprint of 16-32GB, whereas EVE-OS is 512MB. Also as mentioned, the updates work in reverse from how it’s done in a data center in order to work through on-prem firewalls. Similar principles but necessarily different tools.
David Waterfield
Thanks Guys